We must adapt and protect

We must protect our beautiful environment, which includes developing renewable energy resources rather than subsidizing fossil fuels. We must protect human rights regardless of gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. We must stem rising economic inequality.  The diminishment of respect for workers and the deregulation of business and banking practices have contributed significantly to this problem. As an educator, I am disturbed by the politicization of public education. The myth that privatization will cure the ills of our public institutions—e.g., schools, prisons, post offices, social security, Medicare, and other fundamental public services—amounts to turning the operation of those institutions over to profiteers.  We need to protect every person’s voting right and get money out of politics.  We need to build a future where everyone gets a fair shot and hardworking families can get ahead.

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Lois Fornander

Lois Fornander for Colorado State HD 15

El Paso County Democrat

Government for the people--all people